Got Darts? You need a Sure Stick Dart Polisher

Got Darts? You need a Sure Stick Dart Polisher
The Ultimate Dart Polisher! Removes carbon, rust, oxidization, dirt and more in 2 seconds. Inscribes micro abrasions for better dart grip. Darts not included.

Call to order: 1-800-229-0776

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If you have a dartboard....YOU need a Sure Stick!

We have developed the Ultimate Dart Polisher for those serious about improving their game.  The Sure Stick Dart Polisher will improve your game by reducing bounce outs due to a poor finish on your dart tip.  Sure Stick keeps your darts in top shape.  Use it every time you throw.  Get one for your Dart League, man cave, and game room.  You're a Sure Winner with the Sure Stick Dart Polisher!

How does Sure Stick work?

Mostly magic, but if you really want to know what it can do for you and your dart game, check out our video 

Why get a Sure Stick?

Simple....because a polished dart STICKS!  

If you are in a dart league, how many points do you lose if your dart bounces out? Sure Stick improves your scores by polishing your dart for a Sure Stick everytime!


*Fixed shipping of $7 to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, $25 International per unit.